In 2012, both my husband John and I were offered the Elf transport service. We soon got to know the team well. To us they were just like friends or family, making our visits to the RD&E for treatment something to look forward to.

When John died in April 2014, the help continued for me and, last year, it was suggested that that I might also benefit from Elf@Home. I was a little apprehensive as John had been my only help, and I didn't feel I had the courage to make new friends when my ability to join in was very limited. However Sue's visit, which explained about the one-to-one befriending service, truly changed my life.

I was introduced to Jan and after just one visit I felt we had known each other for ages. We share so many interests. And even though many of the things we discuss I know I may never do again, just reminiscing about the past has given me endless pleasure. We can both talk for England and the visits are filled with laughter too! It's so comforting to know that if I am anxious or unsure about filling in a form or updating information on my laptop, help is also there.

I look forward so much to my fortnightly visit and know my confidence and wellbeing is returning with every visit. I can honestly say Elf@Home is the medicine I needed. Long may it continue.

Anne Foster


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