ELF at the RD&E

ELF is proud to have supported the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (RD&E) for over 40 years.

Since ELF was founded in 1980, we have provided direct support for patients, families and the NHS team on Yarty Ward at the RD&E Hospital.

The support we offer to the ward includes:

ELF Funded Family Suite

ELF has funded two building projects at the RD&E Hospital, including the Haematology Centre itself. The Centre, which opened in 2003, is a recognised beacon of excellence, providing treatment and medical care for people with blood cancers and disorders in a warm and comforting environment.

In 2017, following ELF's Chevithorne Fundraising Appeal, ELF fully funded the construction of a critical care unit at the RD&E's Yarty Ward. The private family suite at the end of the ward has a patient room, family room and kitchen, allowing families to stay close to their loved ones at a time of need.

Filling Time Kiosk
Anyone who is waiting in the Haematology Centre is welcome to free refreshments from our 'Filling Time' kiosk. Situated in the Reception area, Filling Time serves free tea, coffee, hot chocolate, bottled water and biscuits to patients and family members as they await their clinical and Day Case appointments. The kiosk is staffed by a friendly team of ELF volunteers throughout the week between 10am and 2pm.

Patient Isolation Room DonationsEquipment
ELF provides the NHS with vital equipment to help support patients and the Yarty Ward staff team. Equipment funded by ELF includes televisions and fridges for patients staying a month at a time in isolation rooms whilst their immune systems are suppressed, fitness equipment to help with patient rehabilitation and wellbeing, and blood storage fridges to help make life easier for the hard-working team on the ward.

Patient Support
ELF acts as a liaison between medical staff and patients. We help patients come to terms with their diagnosis, understand their treatment options and listen to any concerns they have. ELF provides a variety of services to support patients and families from diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond, helping to lighten the load of the Yarty Ward team. We also assist patients and families with any logistical or financial problems they face because of their treatment.

ELF funds a complementary aromatherapy and massage therapist, who provides a welcome moment of relaxation and tranquillity for patients undergoing long-term treatment on Yarty Ward.

Research Projects
Yarty Ward is one of the leading Haematology Centres in the UK. ELF is proud to have supported various research projects and clinical trials which have helped to develop and advance the treatments given to patients with blood cancer and related conditions.