Contact Details for the ELF Office

Telephone: 01392 493344


ELF has a fleet of three cars with friendly and reliable drivers dedicated to assisting haematology patients, to make it easier to get to appointments at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, taking away the stress of the journey or the worry of where to park.

On those journeys we talked about food, holidays, bike rides, weather and bluebell woods. It broke the tension. We felt special.

Ron and Di


The ELF Flat is a short ten-minute walk from the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. Easily accessible via stairs or a lift, our comfortable flat has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and is equipped with bed linen, towels, refreshments and a dedicated parking space. The flat is available for patients undergoing outpatient treatment at the Yarty Ward and families visiting patients staying on the ward.

The ELF Flat is amazing. My family is in Birmingham and I am down here. I didn't have to worry where they would stay. It is a nice place, warm and comfortable and close to the hospital.


ELF and the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

In partnership with the Citizens Advice Bureau, ELF can offer one-to-one confidential advice and fast-track support for patients and their families. This includes information, advice and guidance on services which are available, and you are entitled to. The support covers a range of issues, for example, work, money, housing, tax and healthcare, and is provided as a one-to-one confidential session either at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital or at home with a CAB support worker. During the session you can chat about any issues and the CAB support worker will be able to assess your needs and support you. Please visit the ELF Office at the Haematology Centre, email or telephone 01392 493344 to make an appointment.

Filling Time

Anyone waiting in the Haematology Centre is welcome to visit our non-profit Filling Time kiosk for a mouth-watering range of fresh food, weekly specials and plenty of tea, coffee and chilled drinks at very reasonable prices.