Leave a gift in your Will

Support families affected by blood cancer in your Will

Make a commitment to support Exeter Leukaemia Fund through a gift in your Will and help secure the future of our much-needed charity. 

ELF is funded entirely by voluntary gifts from individuals, local businesses, community organisations and charitable trusts. 

Around 25% of the income we receive is from gifts left in Wills. This funding allows us to provide vital support to families through our transport and counselling services and patient support grants, and ensures we can offer support to Yarty Ward, for instance by purchasing equipment. 

A gift in your Will, can support the Haematology Centre and many more local families affected by blood cancer and related conditions, for many decades to come. 

We understand that family comes first; however, even as little as 1% of your estate can make a difference.  

We understand that the decisions made in your Will are important. If you would like to talk to a member of our team about the impact a gift could make to Exeter Leukaemia Fund, please call 01392 493344 (option 3). 

frequently asked questions 

What information do I need to include Exeter Leukaemia Fund in my Will? 

When leaving a gift to a charity in your will, all you need to do is let your solicitor know the charity name and registered charity number. 

Our details are as follows: 

Charity Name: Exeter Leukaemia Fund CIO 

Charity Number: 1154727 

What types of gifts can I make in my Will? 

There are three main types of gifts you can consider leaving: 

  • Pecuniary legacy – A specific sum of money 

  • Residuary legacy – A percentage of your estate 

  • Non-monetary legacy – A gift of an item, perhaps jewellery, stocks, shares or other valuables. 

Who should write my Will? 

You should speak with a solicitor when writing your Will. This helps to ensure that it is legally correct and that all your wishes are followed. Your Will should be reviewed periodically to ensure it continues to reflect your needs and wishes. 

Can I add Exeter Leukaemia Fund to my existing Will? 

Yes, your solicitor can add a bequest to ELF to your Will with a written instruction called a codicil. 

Should I tell you? 

We understand that your Will is very personal, and you do not have to share details of a gift to ELF, however it would be very helpful for us to hear about your commitment to ELF. 


Local Solicitors Dunn and Baker offer a free will writing and review service to ELF patients, family members, volunteers, and supporters. The service includes the writing of a standard Will and is free of charge. 

For details how to make use of the free Will writing service, please contact us on 01392 493344 (option 3) or email enquire@elfcharity.org.uk


“Making a will is one of those things that I know I needed to do and always put off. When I went along, it was absolutely fine. ELF put me in touch with a really friendly and informative professional; who made it really straightforward and answered all my questions. It has really put my mind at rest and taken the stress away.” 

Ms M, haematology patient.