Corporate sponsorship

In addition to the generous support of individuals and volunteers, we are very grateful for the sponsorship from local businesses, which promote Elf within their companies and beyond.

Elf receives sponsorship from many companies throughout the South West. However, we would love new companies and their staff to join us in supporting Elf's services for patients with blood cancer. There are lots of ways to get involved, with minimum or maximum effort, depending on the resources you have available.

Charity of the Year

One of the easiest ways a company can help is to nominate Elf as your charity of the year. If you make this choice, our fundraising team will work alongside you, coming up with inventive ideas to raise money and generating lots of positive PR for your company. It’s a great way to work towards your corporate social responsibility objectives, get your staff involved with our exciting events and volunteering opportunities, and make a difference.

Event sponsorship

Throughout the year, Elf organises a wide range of fundraising events, including a golf day and challenge events. We can only run these activities thanks to the ongoing involvement of local companies. Whether you choose to sponsor a whole event or a specific part, donate a prize or encourage your staff to volunteer, your contribution will be hugely appreciated. And your company's involvement will be advertised at the event and in any media coverage.

Increasing our profile

To help increase public awareness of Elf, we are asking companies to introduce us to your network of contacts, either through social media, email, telephone or in person, to talk about ELF and the work we do. We'd also love you to display our posters and leaflets at your premises or distribute them to other companies.

Staff volunteering

Elf receives a huge amount of support from people working for local companies. If you aren’t able to fundraise for us through your company, support from individuals is equally valuable to us. This could include looking after stands at events, coming up with fundraising ideas or participating in Elf challenges.

For more information, please contact Gary Moore by emailing or by telephone on 01392 493344.