Michael was introduced to Lynn, May 2017.  Lynn visits Michael once a week for a few hours, and is providing practical help, emotional support and companionship.

Michael has 2 children who live some distance away so he gets lonely. Michael has always been a very independent man who thought he’d never need to rely on the support of others.  He has however, been ill for some time now. Michael says he is extremely happy and grateful for the support Elf@Home is giving and now he says he couldn’t be without Lynn’s help.

Michael speaks of the conversations he and Lynn share about Exmouth, (both having lived in Exmouth for many years) they share memories and experiences.  Michael explained the different things he did from Monday to Friday and he says Thursday’s (Lynn’s visit day) is the ‘best day of the week’. He considers the world would be a better place if there were more Lynn’s in the World!

Michael was referred to Elf@Home by the ELF transport team. He says he is really grateful for the support, and very lucky.

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  • Anne


    “I can honestly say ELF@HOME is the medicine I needed long may it continue”
  • Amanda


    "I feel ELF has played an active part in my recovery. In transport for appointments, befriending, and reducing my anxiety"