This October is ELF’s 30th Birthday. Join us on 14th October for our Anniversary Skydive.

We are looking for 30 people to take the plunge to celebrate 30 years of ELF.

You will experience speeds of an adrenaline pumping 120mph while freefalling up to two miles!

As the large canopy unfolds, you will become aware of the sudden peace, quiet, and tranquillity, enjoying the stunning views of three coastlines as you float back to earth.

Approximately 2 million skydive jumps are carried out each year. Let’s make that 2,000,030 and raise lots of money for ELF this October.

Here is the jump funding options:

JUMP FOR FREE: Raise £395 to jump for free
£50 non-refundable deposit to book jump
£200 balance to cover skydive cost
£145 minimum goes to ELF

All additional sponsorship over £395  goes to ELF

Self-Fund Scheme:
Pay for your own Jump
All sponsorship money raised will go to ELF

Company Funded Scheme:
Ask a business or place of work to fund your jump
All sponsorship money raised will go to ELF

For more information email or call 01392 247 725

CLICK HERE to sign up and fill out the blue section to the right hand side of the page