Remember ELF in your will

Legacies – gifts to ELF included in your Will - give the charity vital income to fund new projects, ongoing services and day to day running costs. We know that family comes first but even a small percent of your estate could make a huge difference to our work supporting people living with long term blood disorders in Devon. It costs £270 per day to fund ELF Transport Service, so no matter how big or small a gift in your Will can make a difference.

Types of legacy gifts

There are several ways that you can include ELF in your Will. For example:

Pecuniary legacy – a gift of a specific sum

A gift of a fixed sum of money; such gifts should be reviewed over time to reflect any changes in your circumstances or to ensure that they are not eaten away by inflation.

Residuary legacy – a gift of a percentage of your estate

Leaving either all or a percentage of your estate after specific bequests, expenses and debts have been paid.  

Non-monetary legacy – a gift of an item

You might want to leave a property, piece of jewellery, stocks and shares or other valuables to ELF.

Always discuss with your solicitor which is the best option for you and remember to review your will on a regular basis to ensure it continues to reflect your needs and wishes.
Leaving a legacy – frequently asked questions

Who should write my Will?

  • You should use a solicitor when writing your Will. This helps to ensure your Will is legally correct and that all your wishes are followed.

How do I update my Will?

  • Your solicitor can add a bequest to ELF to your Will with a written instruction called a codicil.

Do I have enough assets?

  • Every gift can help ELF support patients and their families. Even a 1% bequest can make a difference.  

If I have left ELF a gift, should I tell you?

  • It would be really helpful if you tell us that you have included a gift to ELF in your Will. Thank you.

How do I find out more?

  • To discuss legacy giving please contact Alison Upton on 01392 826 885 or by email at