Organise an event

There are so many different events and fun activities you can create to support ELF. You can hold an event at your home, your school, community hall or workplace. Your event could involve gathering friends together for a sponsored cinema night, garden party, hosting a quiz or a raffle. In recent years the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and “Sponsored Head Shave” have been popular too!

To help put your event together, please use the following five steps:

1. Choose the event you want to organise

There are so many choices it can sometimes be difficult to pick which event you want to do first and we recommend choosing something achievable that you know you will enjoy. This could be something social, sporty, quirky or adventurous!

2. Plan your event thoroughly

To make sure your event goes smoothly, write down the things you’ll need, the people involved, the venue (if needed) and any costs you may incur. If you are planning a large event, you may wish to create a timeline with things to do, by whom and by when.

3. Promote your event everywhere

The next step is to promote your event. We recommend telling everyone what you are doing, when it will be on, what time and where. Using your social media, family, friends, business connections you can get the details sent out to as many people as possible. You may wish to display posters, ask for press coverage or radio interviews. Everything you can do to promote your event will result in more people coming along and in turn this will increase donations at your event to support ELF.

4. After your event, paying ELF the money you have raised

After your event has finished and/or when you have collected money from your sponsors, please arrange payment of the donations to ELF. This can be either by sending the funds to ELF or through a Just Giving page. Also, remember to ask people to tick the “Gift Aid” box on your sponsorship forms. This can increase the amount you are sponsored by 25p for every £1 you receive at no additional cost to your sponsor.

5. Safety and legal tips

Although you are organising an event to raise money for ELF, please remember that you are responsible for the activity and ELF cannot accept any liability for any fundraising activity or event you undertake. You may need to consider insurance, first aid, licences, food hygiene and other items depending on the activity or event you are organising.